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The way the entirety of a thing works. Aquarius thinks outside of itself and is perpetually asking, what about everyone else?

Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope for Tomorrow

Who is not here and why might that be? How can this include those that are marginalized, made invisible or left out of the equation? This new moon is the Imbolc moon. Imbolc is a cross-quarter day, a day in between the solstice and the equinox. Imbolc is a traditional Gaelic festival that marks the stirrings of spring.

From deep within the frozen earth new life is emerging. It is a time to offer her food and drink, a bed to sleep on and to hang cloth outside our doors for her to bless.

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A time to visit a sacred well, pray for health and leave an offering. A time to light candles, have a bonfire and call in the warmth and light of a new season. This is a time to ask for assistance from the forces of nature that we live within. A time to offer what we have without expectation of what we will receive. This is a time where we ask to be purified by the waters that are thawing and by the promise of new life, a time to be purged of what has is no longer logical, useful or working.

Aquarius horoscope

The waters that Aquarius pours forth are cleansing and refreshing. They bring with them the good fortune of washing away the old and outdated ways of thinking to make way for new and innovative modes of understanding. Many cultural practices the world over ask us to pour libation as a ritual offering to the Divine, to the earth, to the ancestors and to awaken a particular spirit for assistance. Offerings are essential in any interaction. When we receive wisdom from another, we should offer recognition for their labour. When we receive healing through another that shares their experience with us, we should offer, at the very least, our gratitude.

An offering is an act of recognition. An act of humility.

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An act of honoring the efforts of each other. White supremacy, in particular, creates hostile fragility, the kind that is so spiritually malnourished it knows not of a thank you, it knows not of an offering, it knows not of gratitude. May we use this new moon as an offering.

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An offering of gratitude for the benefits that we have received from the intellectual, emotional and spiritual labour of others. May we use this new moon to recognize what we usually take for granted. May we use this new moon to pour ourselves forward, in gratitude, in whatever way we need to, and may we be cleansed of the notion that we will ever be finished doing so.