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In this episode of the Radiant Astrology Podcast, I explore the empowering potential of astrology with my guest, evolutionary astrologer Laura Nalbandian.

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Laura shares her insights how to engage with the planetary archetypes to amplify your personal development and actively participate in the unfoldment of your special destiny. Laura discusses the practices of internal astrology […]. The annual Scorpio Full Moon is often the most transformative Full Moon of the year as Scorpio symbolizes metamorphosis, empowerment, surrender and profound healing.

While all Full Moons tend to illuminate, in Scorpio […]. Each person contains a Universe within, much of which can be a mystery to the conscious mind.

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So how are we to navigate two mysteries coming together as various parts of us clash, magnetize and merge? As Jung said, […]. We has such an illuminating discussion on the current station retrogrades of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and their significance in our personal lives as well as in the collective unconscious. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is becoming even […]. In the introduction, […].

The post Jupit Read more. In this episode of the Radiant Astrology podcast, I have an enlightening discussion with my guest the counseling astrologer Michelle Gregg on the history and mythology of the goddess Vesta, keeper of the sacred flame. This is a deeply personal episode as I share my own journey of grief and healing from a recent traumatic […].

The Lunar Nodes spend 18 months in a pair of signs and as they shift, so does the nature of our collective destiny. We […]. In my chat with Ari […]. The post Uranus has entered Taurus and its certainly made its presence known — from political uprisings, to Earth-shattering events and, sadly, to more acts of gun violence — Uranus transitioning from Aries to Taurus has done so with the shock and awe many astrologers anticipated.

In this first part of a 2-part series, I chat with […]. May is one of the highly anticipated astrological months of the year, as it heralds some very significant cosmic shifts mid-month that will influence us for years to come. This month, I decided to switch things up and instead of a written Starcast, I had a very enlightening and juicy discussion with astrologer on Tara […].

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The post [ In this episode of the Radiant Astrology podcast, I have an enlightening discussion with astrologer Adam Sommer about the magic, synchronicity and trickery of Mercury retrograde. Briana is steeped in traditions of ritual, magic, alchemy and ceremony and I felt she was the perfect guest to discuss how to move through transformational periods such as eclipses in ways […].

But when […]. The post [Podcast Ep. Log In Sign Up. Radiant Astrology Podcast Follow.


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Popular Features. New Releases. Notify me. The long awaited Journal of Evolutionary Astrology is finally here! A rich and masterful collaboration of Evolutionary Astrologers from around the world! The Journal of Evolutionary Astrology is a stunning magazine-style journal expertly designed by Greg Linhares and featuring articles by 25 professional astrologers from around the world including well-known names such as Patricia L.

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This is a comprehensive collection of work showcasing various dynamics and applications which should appeal to astrologers and students on all levels. The Journal is packed full of powerful articles aimed at guiding and educating those with a yearning for knowledge and understanding of the evolutionary lessons of life.

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