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LEO: May - Folio Weekly

He was a star who got inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame and made a lot of money after he turned professional. Psychologist James Hillman said that in order to thrive, you need to develop a clear vision of that story. How do you do that? If you hope to respond with intelligence to the questions and challenges that each new day brings, you must be steadily nourished with an expansive understanding of why you are here on earth.

I bring these ideas to your attention, Libra, because the coming weeks will be an excellent time to illuminate and deepen and embellish your conception of your life story. I think that description fits many people born under the sign of the Scorpio, not just Scorpio artists.

Knowing how important and necessary this dilemma can be for you, I would never glibly advise you to always favor candid, straightforward communication over protective, strategic hiding. But I recommend you do that in the coming weeks.

Free Will Astrology—Week Of July 25

Being candid and straightforward will serve you well. But it will be extraordinarily true about you in the coming weeks.

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In front of you: a hearty cosmic joke that would mutate your expectations and expand your savvy. Behind you: an alluring but perhaps confusing call toward an unknown future. To your left: the prospect of a dreamy adventure that might be only half-imaginary. To your right: the possibility of living out a slightly bent fairy tale version of romantic catharsis. My task is simply to help you identify the options. Yet there are far fewer different keys than that to open all those handcuffs.

Free Will Astrology

You know and I know that your daring experiments are in service to the ultimate good, but that may not be obvious to those who understand you incompletely. My in-progress projects may seem inexplicable to the uninitiated! There may be allies who can provide useful feedback about your explorations. I call them the wounded healers. I was deeply skeptical. The place sounded tacky. But after being there for twenty minutes, I had to admit that I was having a fantastic time.

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And it just got better and more fun as the night wore on. I think you're ready to break the hold of a certain curse — and go on to achieve a gritty success that the curse had prevented you from accomplishing. During that time, he oversaw the sale and consumption of millions of hamburgers. But in , he left McDonald's and became part of Beyond Meat, a company that sells vegan alternatives to meat.

I could see you undergoing an equally dramatic shift in the coming months, Gemini: a transition into a new role that resembles but is also very different from a role you've been playing. I urge you to step up your fantasies about what that change might entail. As an astrologer I would add this nuance: although what Lorde says is true, some phases of your life are more favorable than others to seek deep and rapid education. For example, the coming weeks will bring you especially rich teachings if you incite the learning process now.

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But I'd like to expand it and soften it for your use in the coming weeks. Let's define it as meaning "stick to what you're good at and know about" or "don't try to operate outside your area of expertise" or "express yourself in ways that you have earned the right to do. Apply that counsel to your own sphere or field, Leo. Tags: Free Will Astrology. Switch to the mobile version of this page.

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