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Hikashop HikaShop is an e-commerce solution for Joomla! Built for simplicity and flexibility. The goal: by working on the North Node in Aries, to explore and to express our individuality while remaining mindful of the dynamics at play in interpersonal relationships, thus maintaining a healthy balance. The objective of this axis is to learn to trust the natural cycles of life, to open ourselves to change when it's needed. The both signs care about establishing and preserving their intrinsic value: the Taurus does it on the material and physical levels and represents the constructive side of the axis; the Scorpio is trying to cultivate the emotional and spiritual levels by destroying the physical boundaries, even if he needs them as any other.

He therefore represents the destructive side of the axis.

Aries (astrology)

The Taurus strengthens his sense of identity through the physical, using the five senses and all forms of interactions with the material plane. But if the Taurus focuses too much on the material and the pragmatic, things which were first helping him define his personality could easily turn into obstacles and boundaries to his evolution.

The goal of the Scorpio is to destroy the illusions and concepts that were used in the formation of his individual personality, which is why he seeks to strengthen his emotional and spiritual value through deep, transformative connections with others. But, similar in this aspect to the Taurus, the Scorpio can also lose his way, tormented by obsession of perpetual destruction and transformation. Genuine growth is cyclical, and in order to be able to pursue it, a certain part of us must die.

The gift of the South Node in Taurus is the ability to lay strong foundations, to build on them slowly and steadily, keeping stability in mind. The purpose of this process is to create a holistic awareness of our own identity. The trap: the person tends to attach herself too tightly to the illusory order and is extremely resistant to change, even scared of it. This is because she feels such a strong need for clear boundaries. The goal: learn not to be afraid of radical change and deep transformation, to allow some parts of ourselves to die in order to make room for opportunities of growth.

A predisposition for transformation, for spirituality, for healing, as well as the knowledge of the process of death: these are the gifts of the South Node in Scorpio. The trap: the person is so captivated by change that she provokes it herself, sometimes when not needed or even harmful. The goal: to move on in the direction of the North Node in Taurus, i. The Gemini explores the world, collects information, establishes contacts, while the Sagittarius tends to look for a unique concept, a supreme truth.

click here The role of the Gemini is to study his environment, to reunite what was separated. They have a knack for all types of languages and tools of communication, and they have an insatiable curiosity.

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The Gemini explores both sides of any situation, comparing the opposite elements. It reflects the duality inherent to this sign. But the Gemini often lacks the concentration and attention necessary to put things in perspective and see the big picture. The Sagittarius , for his part, is only concerned with the big picture. Concentrating his energy in one point, he is entirely devoted to a quest for the absolute truth in the theoretical, philosophical, spiritual and theological fields.

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The Sagittarius wants to bring an end to duality by reuniting opposites. He risks unintentionally hurting the feelings of other people, who may have personal convictions and different ideas about truth.

He also risks becoming obsessed with finding the universal truth, convinced that the goal always justifies the means. It teaches us the importance of communicating with ourselves and others without forgetting the quest for universal truths. The gift of the South Node in Gemini is a thirst for knowledge of the world, a sharp mind, open to all sorts of new ideas, an enthusiasm for variety and new concepts.

The goal: to learn how to gather information and organize it, to look for that which reunites dualities. If he cooperates with Sagittarius, the Gemini will be able to draw from a well of information an understanding of the working of the Universe, as well as an understanding of our place in it on a larger scale. The gift of the South Node in Sagittarius is the understanding of the relationship between the Universe and society, a very strong system of beliefs and a philosophy of life that helps one express his personality.

The goal of the person in this configuration of the Nodes is to learn to share general information in the way the Gemini does it so well, and to apply the strong beliefs of the Sagittarius to everyday life and to her environment. She will then discover that the absolute truth has many different manifestations.

The Cancer wants to be reassured that he will receive care and safety while satisfying his emotional needs in the field of his personal and familial responsibilities. The Capricorn also looks for security and support, but through social order and rule of law, thus focusing on fulfilling his professional duties. Both signs are in search of a balance between egoism and selflessness.

The Cancer is looking for emotional and spiritual connections through care for others. This is how he satisfies his personal psychological needs.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

If he becomes too absorbed in caring for others, he can become extremely dependent and in the end feel quite unhappy; that or he can turn into an eternal protector, giving everything but afraid of receiving anything in return. The Capricorn is more concerned about the needs of society and acts on the material and concrete levels, motivated by physical and material order. He is convinced that he will satisfy his own material needs if he assumes responsibility towards the protection of social order. But in cases when the Capricorn ends up thinking about personal ambition more than duty, he will tend to use power for his own personal ends.

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