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Your friends and family would be the first to attest to your kind-hearted, generous nature. They are like big kids who never lose their sense of wonder and playful attitude about life. March is the third month of the year, bringing the revival of senses and a great communicational environment. March has as representative symbols the Daffodil and Shamrock as plants, Aquamarine and Emerald as gemstones and Mars, the god of war.

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March 6 Zodiac Signs March 6 Zodiac Birthday Signs — Your Pisces birthday reveals you to be an idealistic individual with a good sense of values and practical skills. March 6 zodiac people are in the 2nd decan of Pisces. The only danger is that they can sometimes mistake sex for love and love for sex; this can confuse both them and potential partners.

So, we know that your zodiac sign is Pisces. Those born in March are enthusiastic and observant. If your birthday is on March 6 your zodiac sign is Pisces Birthday Personality — March 6 character : careful, talented, clever, playful, sulky, contemptuous;People born on March 6 Zodiac are made to love and to be loved.

There have been numerous times where you willingly sacrifice your time or resources for the well-being of another. Being a Pisces born on March 6th, your personality is defined by a self-sacrificing and sensitive nature. Did you know that Pisces sign dates can change year to year?


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The fact that two fish as opposed to one represent the members of this sign also speaks to the duality of Pisces, their yin and yang sensibility. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

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In ancient Roman mythology, Jupiter the original ruler of Pisces was the king of the gods, while Neptune was the ruler of the seas. When Neptune was discovered in recent times, it was attached to this sign.

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  • The pairing of these two heavenly bodies results in some unique energies being directed toward the sign of Pisces here on Earth. Those born under this astrology sign are spiritually oriented and charitable. At times, however, Pisceans can have difficulty distinguishing fact from fantasy; they tend to get caught up in their dreams and views of how things should be.

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    • The element associated with Pisces is water. Those born under this zodiac sign easily relate to the emotional and unpredictable nature of this liquid gold. Pisces feel a great deal, and they also feel misunderstood much of the time. Yes, they could cry you a river if the circumstances were right. Even so, the Pisces personality revels in its compassionate and imaginative nature and loves to cater to others.

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      At times like this, Pisces would be wise to take time for themselves, the better to find their center once again. Many Pisces also immerse themselves in the arts and other creative pursuits as a centering mechanism, and they are quite talented in these areas. Those of the Pisces horoscope sign alternate between reality and non-reality in keeping with their introspective natures; their voyage between consciousness and an unconscious dream state says much about their intuitive, almost psychic natures.

      For this reason, Pisces can be hard to pin down, prompting some to call them the chameleons of the zodiac. Pisces traits are compassion and charitability, and this star sign will quickly put the needs of others ahead of their own.