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Read More : 41 celebrities you didn't know were Tauruses. The sign of the twins exerts confidence and chaos — their mind is always racing with fresh ideas, and numerous possibilities, which can make choosing just one tattoo challenging, explained Trenou-Wells. Or perhaps two birds or two trees on their back, arm or neck.

This mirrors their inner duality. But those under this sign are also known for their sharp communication skills, so it's also likely that a Gemini will choose to put their favorite images or sayings on their body, added Donna Stellhorn, astrologer and author. Leos are vibrant, passionate individuals who bask in the limelight.

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A lion or lioness may also be a potential pick, as well as any tattoo that incorporates red or orange colors," she added. Read More : 11 of the most common types of tattoos, according to an artist.

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  6. On that note Virgos are as health-oriented as they are profound, Stellhorn said. As a result, they either "would opt for no tattoos" or "cover their bodies in art.

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    No matter what design a Libra chooses, however, Trenou-Wells stressed that the main focus will be that the final product has "an aesthetically-pleasing appeal to it, perhaps with cursive handwriting or eye-catching details. Scorpios tend to abide by an "all-or-nothing" mentality and this way of thinking could apply to their body ink as well. Capricorns are self disciplined and can be stubborn. Pessimism and depression can creep in if the succumb to mood swings, so its important to be careful with them.

    And they take things seriously and sometimes literally, so choose your word choices carefully as well. Capricorn unknown. Capricorns are the most beautiful humans on this planet.

    Capable of anything. Tim: Oh shit yeah. June 16, Capricorn's especially girls are confident but not egotistical, very attractive and have very slender nice bodies.


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    This can make them seem intimidating but once you get to know them they are actually quite sweet. They don't dwell on their appearance or really think of themselves as hot, they are actually pretty modest and don't usually like a lot of attention. Capricorn's are hardworking and sometimes come off as serious and take no bullshit. They are stereotyped as being boring but that is because when they meet someone new they can be guarded at first just to get a sense of who that person is. Once you get to know them you'll realize they are funny, have a witty sense of humor and love adventure.

    But the one thing you don't want to do is piss them off.


    This is when their inner bitch comes out. They are good at making you feel very bad and guilty and have a hard time feeling any sort of remorse for those they don't particularly like.

    They have a strange ability to cut themselves off from people emotionally very fast if you have wronged them. They don't have to say much at all for you to know they dislike you. All it takes is one piercing look from them and it's enough to know you should keep your distance.

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    Just play it cool and don't get on their bad side. They have a lot of friends but only a few they consider very close and share things with. It's hard to get them to talk about their emotions because they are very independent and prefer to deal with their issues on their own. They don't like people to see them vulnerable under any circumstances.

    But that is not to say they don't help others.

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    Images and Stories tagged with vigro on instagram. Depression: Depression Zodiac Signs. Zodiac capricorn quotes with images. Capricorn The New Year Ahead. Horoscope Today, August 21, Check astrological. The domain name popista com is for sale Capricorn Daily.


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