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Not just for the journalist, but for the readers too. You see, true journalism doesn't pander, or protect.

Free Will Astrology

It doesn't force feed, regurgitate, or indulge. It serves up a plate of hard-fought facts and places the burden of opinion and cognition on the reader.

This is your chance to become part of something big — a piece of a publication that forces leaders to leadership, provokes humans toward humanity, and transforms unseeing citizens into enlightened members of a community. The type that makes its readers think, and see, and feel, but never tells them how.

Destiny vs. Freewill in Astrology (Part 2) (A Hidden Spaceship)

We are WELD. We believe in true journalism. And we believe you do too.

Rob Brezsny’s Astrology Oct. 9-15

Join us as we rewrite what true journalism can be. Rob Brezsny is the author of the nationally-syndicated Free Will Astrology , which has run in various newspapers for almost 30 years. Do you have any techniques for accomplishing that — either through yoga or any other techniques? This would be a good year to redouble your commitment to that work.

The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise

In the coming months, the world will just keep increasing its output of trivial, energy-wasting temptations. This is the year you can transcend stale traditions, Taurus — a time when you can escape your outworn habits, reprogram your conditioned responses, and dissolve old karma. You will be getting unparalleled opportunities to render the past irrelevant.

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Rob Brezsny, Author at Good Times Santa Cruz

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If you're a stranger to Brezsny's website, your first glance might yield mixed emotions. This is not a site that promotes the typical astrological fanfare. It's not about locating your sun sign and receiving a snippet of a horoscope that will provide you with, perhaps, some over-reaching advice for the upcoming month.

The Goal of Free Will Astrology

That said, there are weekly horoscopes listed for each of the twelve zodiac signs. Moreover, Brezsny's cyber haunt will give readers an opportunity to step inside his vision which seems to be one of positivity and proactive efforts to help restore mankind, and the world, to a more harmonious state.

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In short, Rob Brezsny represents another generation of spiritual gurus who uphold the idea that human beings exercise free will over their lives, but with that free will comes great societal and ecological responsibility. Many people have become frustrated with the inflexible tenets of certain faiths and practices that seem to mitigate human responsibility over the world's changing conditions.